Ponderosa Swim & Dive

Hidden under the wraps of all the hype of other sports at Ponderosa, the Lady Mustangs swim team is once again swimming furiously. With limited numbers, and no divers, it is very challenging to win meets, but the girls continue to make the best of the season. “Because our team has gotten so much smaller over the past few years, I feel like it’s brought us all closer together. We’re not just a team anymore, we’re a family,” said senior Sydney Murphy.

“Being a captain is lots of fun! I love getting the girls riled up and being a leader for them. Kayla Moden and Anna Van Keuren are also captains this year, and we really help to bring unity, spirit, and fun to the team,” continues Murphy. Anna shares that all the captains are very up beat and assist in bonding the team closer. “We sometimes feel like the mothers of the younger girls; we provide an outlet for the girls to talk out any problems,” she says.

Though the numbers have started to dwindle, the team overall has gotten much closer. Bonding has become a main priority, trying to dry up any drama, and make the teams spirit superior. The two main goals of the team this year was to try and get more people to join and have a fuss free season. “The season is almost over and we have had zero commotion, which is neat,” Kayla says. Some of the team bonding they do doing is Tea Tuesdays, where they all stay after to drink tea and talk. “Also we try to be very spirited at meets and cheer on everyone to create a very excited attitude. We try to be very team oriented and try not to make anything individual,” states Murphy. “It’s the little things we do as a team that bring us closer,” Van Keuren clarifies.

There is still the rivalry between Chap and now that Legend has come around, but instead, the team has chosen to create friendships with the girls from the Chaparral. “We are a 4A school competing in a 5A division. We don’t really have any rivalries because we are not threatened by the competition, and are trying to focus more on the sportsmanship aspect,” says Van Keuren.

Sydney is upset that it is her last year with the girls, but she hopes to see the team continue with their success and hard work, which has blossomed this year.

Anna says that swimming was surly an important and interesting part of her life, but she is ready to move on to new excitements and wishes the best for her friends. “I saw this as a kind of rebuilding year, and next year when the team moves officially to 4A, I believe that they will have more state qualifiers and our strengths will truly show.”

“My favorite part of being on the team for four years has been all the friends I’ve made. I became friends with people that I otherwise probably would have never met,” says senior Kayla Moden.

Now that the secrets of the PHS girls swim team have been revealed, let’s hope that there will be more student attendance to their events.  Before this story, some students didn’t even know that PHS had a swim team. Before the season started, Anna Van Keuren and Kayla Moden made some awesome posters to promote the swim team, and they had a lot of new girls join this season. So if it continues to be advertised, then hopefully their success and our pride will flourish.





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